13 December, 2014

Nigerian Fashion Bloggers Yard Sale 2014

 Hey guys! How do you do? Firstly, I must say I never really thought yard sales work in Nigeria because, everyone like to form ''I can't buy used clothes'' Oh well! I learnt a lot today. At first, I thought
this event was for bloggers to come together and then, by 2am this morning I was told to bring along clothes for sale :O lol you need to have seen how I dived in. I have like three boxes of clothes I don't wear anymore or, I haven't even worn before. Clothes that still have price tags, clothes I wore once and never again (because I grew fatter :') I wasn't really sure how things would go because, I was short of awareness but, I'm happy to say everything went well. But then, you know Nigerians would always be Nigerians. The canopy guys didn't show up on time so, we used our cars. I actually made a lot of money today, more than I expected :D and I bought three items which I would so rock this holiday *dancing* Anyway guys, please have a change of mind set about yard sales. Its not a bad as you think, clearing out your wardrobe to get a whole new one, is the best thing ever. Trust me! And please ignore my twerking eye
 Mide of midecoker.com
 Cassandra of Cassiedaves.com
 Akin of akinfaminu.com

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Photographed by Me.
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