25 July, 2015

A Day In Bath City

Hey ! So, I spent my day at Bath City, which is located at the North East Somerset, Uk. I was going to do a vlog but, I haven't exactly found my way around it. It was a beautiful day, I walked as far as my leg could go. Different people from all around the world, I heard so many languages ( I decided to speak Yoruba ) First time ever, surrounded by thousands and the least language I heard was English, in an "English Speaking Country." I do not study history, know nothing about it, could care
less ( I know the Biblical history anyway ), I was so happy when I saw The Fashion Museum and I got to see how this "fashion" of a thing started. I also bought some books and there's one titled "How To Draw Like A Fashion Designer" this book has given me life. I'm almost done reading, it has been a long time since I made sketches / drawings, be prepared !
Press Play to see a slideshow of the pictures I took.

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